Warm up exercise ( Duplication exercise) #cachartprojects

So what is a warm up ! 


Warm up exercise – This is what we do each day before starting the drawing projects . Also called as duplication exercise ,it is a simple training to look closely and understand the subject ( Check out books by Mona Brookes ,an artist and author of books Drawing with children and Drawing with older children and teens , where she emphasizes why duplication exercise is important and how it is fun too) 

How do we use it

In my art classes I ask the children to do it everyday before starting the main project , say for 5 minutes , from simple lines to detailed images ( based on age group) I will draw one time and will ask them to copy the same  . Some of the children used to draw the main image by themselves and copy it , it works in both the ways . 

This is what is required …

1.A4 size plain sheet 

2.sharpie markers 


Believe me , these exercises are always super fun , they will end up in creating different types of patterns . 

Pros and cons of using markers : I prefer using pencil ( for this activity in particular ) , the reason being while using marker the kids will be alert as it can’t be erased and their won’t be any free flow of designs . But at the same time markers create an interest to draw, as they are available in various colours .The best approach will be taking it according to child’s interest.

Sample exercise

7 Replies to “Warm up exercise ( Duplication exercise) #cachartprojects”

  1. Sthuti Panigrahy Singh says: Reply

    This is such a wonderful excercise.Would try this out once my bub grows up a bit.

    1. artandbookjunction says: Reply

      Thanks sthuti.

  2. Can i use these activitiea for my 2 year old too.she loves to scribble anywhere…

    1. artandbookjunction says: Reply

      There is no age limit for this activity , instead of repeating the same drawing you can make a grid and ask her to scribble inside that

  3. I was looking for drawing projects for my daughters to do this weekend. As on alternative weekend I set this activity.. I draw and they try to make them nd color it.. We started ths frm last month.. Its just for fun we do nd simple designs like circle, home, sun, flower etc.. Thanks now I have a plan for this weekend activity!!!

    1. artandbookjunction says: Reply

      Welcome , hope you and your kids will find it interesting and useful

  4. Thanks a lot for the tip…my son is 3 n half and it is very difficult to make him sit in one place and write….will try this soon with him and update you on his progress….

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