Tiny Insects – A picture book inspired art lesson

I have often designed an art lesson based on elements of art for most part of my teaching life , unless I came across this site called deep space sparkle(DSS) , DSS was a great inspiration for me to create lessons based on picture books . Even though i used to pick up most of my picture books only for illustration , drawing based on that was an idea which I inherited from them. 

Our first lesson is based on insects , those tiny little creatures , which used to frighten most of us in daily lives. This lesson was inspired from the book The Tickly Spider by Margaret Wise Brown , its about a little spider  and a small boy .

Supplies needed : 

A4 size ivory sheets 

Drawing tools ( Pencil, eraser, sharpener) 

Tempera paints / water colours 

Oil pastels

Some glitters 

After reading the lesson , the first thing we did is to take a list of insects which are simple to draw using lines and shapes .

We have taken 4  of them ( Ant, ladybug, butterfly, dragonfly, ) check the following link for step by step drawings .



Once this part is done , the next one is creating a scenery , as I don’t have images of the work done by my students ( lost during shifting) have added  some prompts here to try with the kids . 

Prompt 1: On the river bank 

( image included) 


Prompt 2: In the field 

Draw a field full of grass , sand etc and include the insects there . 

Prompt 3 : A scenic morning from my window

Draw a view from the window how the world looks during early morning , include the colourful sun , trees, chirping birds ,blooming flowers ,  tiny insects . 


Hope you all enjoy the lesson , please try the activities with kids and post their works in the comment section , also don’t forget to drop your feedback. 


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  1. Love love this. I have always always used Picture books as an inspiration for all our art work because I wasn’t creative enough to make my own ideas ?. I love this post and I illnsurely encourage the kids to do this

  2. Nice, I like the idea of going step by step prompt 1,2 ,3 etc

  3. Thank you so much , pls do check the blog frequently for more blogs on art .

  4. It's a great idea to introduce art work to kids. This way kids will remain interested and focused about the end result.

  5. The thought to take inspiration from books and stories for art never occurred to me. Such a brilliant idea to keep the kids involved and interested.

  6. Introducing art through books is an excellent idea…always seeking a good idea how to make interest into art activities for my kids.

  7. I like this idea. It is a great way to get the kiddo to explore his imagination!
    Very cool!

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