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Being a non reader in my entire childhood , books were not in my to do list , until I had a kid who was a serious bookworm . My daughter was a an  avid reader who likes to read or go through  any genre of books , it was nearly 5 years before I have decided to enroll her in a library   so that she can get exposed to different books , we have visited different libraries , but unfortunately most of them had only limited collections , other than some specific authors and genres  , they didn’t had the books by others , so we dropped out our decision and instead we started collecting books of various genres and by different authors. From pre loved to imported we have collected more than 1000 books now between ages 4 to 13 . 

During play dates the little ones of my friends used to browse our collection , and borrow books to read , but again they were restricted only to one or two authors and not others . Most of the kids aren’t  exposed to different authors . 

For us books are always a magical treasure that helped us to visit far away places .And with an idea to share this treasure and magic with the other kids LIBROS – the kids library came in to existence . Library with books from all over the world is a long time dream for me , for which LIBROS is the first baby step . Since it is home based we don’t know whether it matches the infrastructure and other facilities provided by other libraries , but one thing we can assure in LIBROS i.e. this is a library where ”  BEST LITERATURE GUARANTEED” 

Starting our operations from 16th June 2017 , we expect to meet more and more little readers in this magical journey of reading

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