Library lion by Michelle Knudsen

  The most loved book in our personal library ,unlike the other books in our collection , we have bought this book after hearing the entire story on a children’s literacy website . 




    There was a library , with a head librarian who is very strict in rules , and an assistant . One day a lion enters the library and gets disappeared between the bookshelves.


    Mr, McBee, the  assistant librarian runs to the office of the head librarian ( Miss. Merriweather ) to convey the same . She replies by saying that “The lion is allowed to enter the library unless he is not breaking any rules”.


   After sniffing and rubbing his head against the books , the lion settles itself comfortably in the story corner . sleepy  lion wakes up after hearing the story from the story lady ,stories makes the lion happy and excited , but once the session gets over , worried lion shows his protest by roaring loudly 


    As it is against the rule of the library that not to make any noise , the lion was given a strict warning by the head librarian and is allowed to visit the library with a condition that he should not break any rules.

  Being a lion he becomes friendly with  the library members , he serves as a backrest to all the kids during storytime .  The lion was very helpful to the head librarian, but when something terrible happens to her, how he saves her through the only way he knows ( by breaking the rules ) is the rest of the story .

Review :

A story that teaches kindness particularly towards animals , a lesson to kids about following the rules and also breaking the rules is not an offense, if it is done for a valid reason .The illustrations speaks the story , the expressions of the characters explains the feelings Happiness , Sorrow, kindness, excitement, comedy , jealousy etc.


Teach about different feelings to the younger kids with the help of the story , particularly illustrations , like happy, sad, excited , angry etc.

Learning adjectives , the story covers lot of adjectives , make a list of the same and discuss with the kids about the various sentences where it can be used .

An open ended discussion with the kids about how to take care of their books . ( like how the lion takes care of the books in the library ) 

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