Book Review : Willow

Book : Willow | Author :Denise Brennan nelson , Rosemarie Brennan | Illustrator : Cyd Moore | Genre : PictureBook | Age : 3 plus ..

An excellent book to be read by all the parents who are the natural teachers to their kids.



StoryLine :

These are the first lines “Even on the sunniest days Miss Hawthorn’s art room 

was cold and dark” and it says all.

Miss hawthorn is an art teacher and she is very strict, she wants everything in her class to be perfect, neat broken crayons , children’s should sit still in rows like eggs in carton . Everyone followed it blindly , except Willow . 

Willow doesn’t like or want to be  a robot , she broke crayons , her eyes were always out of window.Miss hawthorn tells the students to make pictures of tree , all trees were having straight brown trunks and round green tops , except willow’s her tree was all pink. Anyone have heard of a pink tree ? the teacher asks angrily, that is what I see when I close my eyes , willow replies with confidence .

Continues a sequence of events where in every class the art teacher gets irritated because of willow’s creativity . 

During a winter break everything changes , miss hawthorn art room was bright and kids were allowed to be themselves , all because of willow. 

What she did and how she changed the thinking and approach of the teacher is the 

rest of  the story.

Review :

As said Teachers are those who plants the seeds of knowledge in kids and it becomes the responsibility of us parents who have been  the natural teachers for  them , to plant the seed of belief in our kids .

If they are not able to replicate the things as such in art or other medium of learning ,then it doesn’t mean they are lacking something or lagging behind , it means they have the ability to see things from different angles .

Let the kids be creative , don’t kill their imagination is the strong message ,  conveyed by the author with beautiful illustrations.

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