Book review – When sadness comes to call by Eva Eland

Emotions – something which you can’t hide . Happy , sad, angry , sleepy, shy and so It comes in various forms .

For some people emotions are only for a short term , they leave it as such , let go of those feelings and move on . For others it is not so , it sits in their head and in a long run , gets converted into stress , depression , anxiety etc . 

This book “When sadness comes to call “ written and illustrated by Eva eland helps us ( both kids and adults ) to understand and overcome sadness .

The story line is simple . A little boy is inside a house and somebody knocks the door . He opens to realise that Mr.Sadness wants to come in . For some days he is  puzzled and doesn’t know how to deal with the new guest . He is confused . 

Later he realises that the first thing he has to do is to welcome him with all his heart , so that they both can discuss and understand each other . Little boy welcomes him , gives him a name . 

What they did together to understand each other is the rest of the story . 


A beautiful storyline , which is very much needed in the present scenario . Illustrations are outstanding and expressive . This book is definitely a conversation starter with the kids to understand their emotions 

We can’t push away emotions , rather deal with it . Be mindful , be aware of what you are doing and don’t react or get overwhelmed about whatever is going around you . It is called mindfulness , the one that is required for a sound mental health . 


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