Book review – Wangari’s trees of peace by Jeanette winter

There was once a time where people used to think that no other profession is there other than engineer , doctor or an accountant .

While having a discussion about these during a play date with some of the friends , it stuck in the mind to search for what other professions are there ,and google helped us to find this book .

Wangari Mathai is an environmentalist and political activist from Kenya , born in Kenya she had  moved to US for higher studies ,with the help of scholarship that was awarded to her . 

When she was in Kenya she used to love the greeneries in her village and her walks through the trees , But after returning from US to Kenya she found that most of the trees were destroyed to raise buildings .

She wanted the trees back , she educated women’s to plant trees, she fought with people and government not to cut trees, she was jailed once , But finally her brave struggle yielded her the results, lot of trees planted , the green belt movement she started has spread to more than 30 African countries now .

She was awarded the noble peace prize in 2004.

This is not the only picture book available for kids about her , the below are the different options

1.Mama miti- wangari maathai and the trees of Kenya by Donna jo Napoli

2.planting the trees of Kenya by Claire a Nivola

3.wangaari maathai the women who planted millions of trees by Franck Prevot

4.Seeds of change by jen Cullerton Johnson


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