Book Review – Waiting by Kevin Henkes

Waiting is a children’s picture book written by Kevin Henkes , published in the year 2015 it was awarded the Caldecott honor award and Theodor suessGeisel honor award for the year 2016.

Have you ever as a child gazed out of the window expecting something to happen ? ( I do this even now) may be a miracle,Waiting for someone to come ? Some visitors ? Some friends to play ?Then this book is for you .

Story of five friends (toys) who sits on windowsill and they are waiting for something, but what they are waiting for , a surprise? a visitor ?author leaves the answer to the readers .

The owl waits for the moon, pig with umbrella for rain, bear with kite for the wind ,puppy for snow and the rabbit was waiting for nothing particular , the book teaches various feelings , happiness when the friends get what they waited for , melancholy when a new comer in the group fell down and broke ,anxiety while they wait to see what will happen in the outside world.

Recommended for age 2 plus as the text is very simple and the illustrations make the story lively , Great book for read aloud and imaginative play. Children can connect with the book well because childhood is all about transition and mood swings 

Outside world is always beautiful , life is beautiful when you start exploring , enjoying , experiencing , waiting,every life has a purpose, and if we can’t wait we can’t experience the wonder around us ( our little snippets after reading the book)

An adorable picture book with endearing  illustrations , which teaches also about HOPE, means Have Only Postitive Expectations , So always be positive. 

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