Book review – Tops and bottoms by Janet Stevens

Written and Illustrated by Janet Stevens , Tops and bottoms is a trickster story adapted from European folk tales.

 Bear and hare are neighbours.Bear has lots of money and land but was lazy and always keeps sleeping , in the other hand hare was poor ,he had some land which he had sold to bear and settled the money he owe to tortoise .

To change the fate of their family which suffers from  poverty and hunger , Mr and Mrs Hare cooks up a plan so as to make some money for their livelihood .

They agree for a business deal with bear , in which hare and his family will be planting and harvesting  the land belonging to bear. Bear decides to take the top portion  and whereas hare agrees for the bottom  .

After harvesting bear realises that he has been tricked by the hare and makes a change in their deal , this time bottom for bear and the top one for hare , but each  time hare wins by making tricky plans . 

What is the final decision of the bear about the business and how it puts an end to tricks of hare is the rest of the story . 

Review :

The story passes a wonderful message to each and everyone of us . Self control is said to be the essence of a successful life , lack of  which makes the bear lazy .

 There is a saying that “ we are what we repeatedly do “ . So stop procrastinating and stay active . 

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