Book Review – The seven silly eaters by Mary Ann hoberman

Have you ever seen a mother who always has her mommy mode on whenever her kids are around , whether in a school , movie or a public place . If so you can relate to this story very much .This double edged story  is about a mom , dad and their seven children . 

Magical illustrations by Marla Frazee

The story

Mr and Mrs peters along with their dog is getting ready to welcome a new baby home , there comes the little bundle of joy and it’s a boy .They name him also peter .

When he turns one , Little peter becomes very choosy . He like to drink only warm milk . Being a sweet mom , mrs peters did not mind about her little son being a picky eater and she gives only warm milk whenever the little one needs . Within two years peter gets his little sister Lucy, also with  choices of her own  .

Every year another baby gets added to the family until it becomes a splendid crew of seven . And all have their own choices and when it comes to food and so all are picky eaters .

Time is the best gift that one can give to others , mrs peters does the same , even though she is frustrated, she tries to give the best to her kids .On the eve of her birthday an exhausted mrs peters goes to bed thinking about the work she has to do the next morning .

But all the seven kids decide to give her a surprise that she will never forget in her life . What is the surprise birthday gift that she get and whether her hectic life as a mommy has any change is the rest of the story . 

The reason why I call it a double edged story is , it makes the reader analyse both plus and minus in raising kids . 

Review :

Every child is unique and each have their own opinions and interests and we can’t expect everyone to act in the same way but at the same time parents should know when to say no to the kids . As a parent it is so important to have time for oneself , which mrs peters loses in her life due to the hectic work she does as a mother .

Illustrations are magical and lively , the illustrator Marla frazee brings the entire family in to our eyes . Rhyming text and magical illustrations make this wonderful book a worth read . 

For all mothers out there , still peeling , straining and cleaning , take a break for sometime and enjoy reading this lovely story with your kids.

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