Book Review – The boy who loved words by Roni Schotter


Every book in our library has a reason as to why it is picked , this book is bought for my little logophile, my daughter love words whatever may be the language , whenever we go through a book or during outings she starts identifying new words and ask the meaning ,after a suggestion from some friends and going through lot of reviews this book came in.

There are some people who are born collectors , some collect stamps, currencies , leaves etc, but little boy Selig is different , he collects words , he loves the way they sound .The words are tucked by him everywhere,  in his pocket, shirt, sleeves, hat , socks.


When all other kids are engaged in play Selig will always stand on the outskirt, listening and collecting delicious words.

His mother and father worried the way he was, in school his classmates called him Wordsmith and mentions  him as an oddball , Selig was upset , he never wanted to be called like that , he felt alone , that night he gets a dream while asleep, where a genie comes out of a jar and Selig submits his wish , he wants to know whether he is an oddball ,genie replies to Selig that ” you have a passion but there should be a purpose and mission to pursue the passion” 

Selig wakes up , he understood what he has to do now , he starts on a journey with all his words , on the way he feels tired , he stuck all the words in a tree and falls asleep, there comes a poet with lack of words , he founds the words and creates a poem.


Selig has found out his purpose and mission , he has to spread the words , so that people will be happy using those , So he starts spreading his words. How his words are used , how he finds his Lady Luck and reunites with his family is the remaining story.

This books introduces lot of new and interesting vocabularies for kids, it gives inspiration to all the readers to find a purpose for their passion, also it has a dictionary at the end with meaning of all the new words used .

Author says “whenever you think , write or speak a perfect word, you can feel that Selig is nearby ” So after reading this review if you are able to find a perfect word , then Selig is meant to be nearby ?

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