Book review : The bad seed

Book : The Bad Seed

Author : Jory John

Illustrator : Pete Oswald

Age : 3 plus 

Most of us  have the habit of judging people by the way they behave , but we don’t know what they are going through unless we step in to their shoes . This book by Jory  John has been written for those people with a beautiful message “ First understand then judge “. 


Once upon a time there lived a seed , and it is a bad seed , very baaaaaad . Whenever the other seeds look at it they mumble  “that seed is So bad” It was considered so bad because , it never puts the things back into place, it was late to everything , it never washes its hand or feet , it lies and never smiles , it cuts in line etc . 

When it came to the world , it was an humble seed , with a big family and lots of fun , but one  day everything changed and life has become dark for the seed which has led to its bad behavior . 

So on one fine day , the  seed makes a big decision , to change everything and bring back his old life , a life with happiness and lots of fun . 

The situations that led to a behavioral change in the seed and the steps it take to change itself is the rest of the story . 

 Excellent story , adorable illustrations , the trauma faced by the seed shows that how important a family is .Progress  is always impossible without a change , so instead of being judgemental let us change ourselves to be more kind , empathetic to anyone and everyone . 

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