Book Review : Something Beautiful

Book: Something Beautiful 

Author : Sharon Dennis Wyeth 

Illustrator : Chris k sonetpiet

Age : 4 plus 

It’s a sunny morning , little girl gets ready to school . She glances through her window , lot of trash and broken glass in her courtyard . 

Out of her building , the building door is scribbled with words DIE, while passing through the road she sight  a lady whose house is a cardboard box and she is sleeping by covering herself with a plastic sheet.

She runs  through a lane which is dark , as her mama said not to stop there, next a garden with no flowers…Little girl remembers that her mama said “Everyone should have something beautiful in their life”

So where is my something beautiful ??? Her journey of search starts.

In school teacher teaches the word BEAUTIFUL , and little girl thinks  Beautiful means  “”Something when you have it ,your heart is happy “”.So starting from school she keeps on asking everyone whether they have something beautiful ??

Right from the diner, her friends, fruit vendor, her aunt , old man in her society and her mom ,everyone has an answer  , what they said? What is their something beautiful? Is the rest of the story .

Beauty doesn’t mean the outer looks , something that is from inside , different from one ‘s  skin color , it is not from wherever we live , anywhere we are there is something beautiful around us, it is our attitude towards others .With outstanding illustrations this book also teaches social consciousness ,as how to keep our surroundings clean and neat.  

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