Book review- Peach & Blue by Sarah S.kilborne

Sharing our thoughts and listening to each other are some of the important aspects of friendship . Peach and blue by Sarah s kilborne is a story about one such relationship between a toad and a peach ( fruit). 


One summer afternoon , blue a blue bellied toad was wandering away from his pond . He was jumping up and up on a hill , aimlessly through the grass and snake holes . 

He was resting under a peach tree after reaching the hill top . A little drop of water fell on his head , fearing rain he checked  the sky , to his surprise sky was  clear and clouds were not there , again some more drops fell , this time blue found out that it was the tears of a peach , which was ripen and ready to be plucked . 

Blue who came to see his pond and the entire view from the hilltop introduces himself to the peach . On the other side peach started to explain the reason for her weep . 

“I want to explore the world , I feel bad that I don’t have legs , but it’s already summer and I can be picked up anytime to be made in to a cobbler or tart . I love this tree , all other peaches are my family, but I want to see what the world look like apart from this tree”.

Blue decided to take peach to explore the outside world . He along with his thirteen brothers and fifteen sisters pulled peach from the branch , made him sit in a beautiful bowl made of twigs , muds and Lily leaves . 

Nothing will last forever , 
but until then you have me and i have you 

After some time  in their beautiful journey peach starts to worry that she will not last forever . What  are the beautiful things that they come across during their journey and the touching reply given by blue for the concern of peach is the rest of the story .


Some people come in to our life accidentally but the impression they make and the memories they leave cannot be destroyed . Blue makes such an impression in the life of peach . At the same time he realise that he had failed to notice the beauty around him in the form of nature , unless peach expresses about them . Peach understands that nothing is permanent in this life , when we accept the way we are the world starts recognising us . This is one of the best stories on friendship that I have come across . Beautiful illustrations along with a outstanding storyline makes it a worthy read . 

 Appreciate  even small things in life , everything is a magic , celebrate every moment  , help others , always remember that “ we always rise by lifting others”. 


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