Book Review – Oskar and the eight blessings

  A beautiful book to start the holiday season ,  Christmas is not only a festival of love ,joy ,tolerance it is also a festival of hope, a hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a good new year . This is a story on hope.A story about a young immigrant .

Oskar lives with his parents in Europe, both his parents and Oskar believed in the power of blessings . It was during 1938 and when German started occupying some part of Europe , due to war Oskar has been sent as a refugee in a ship to America by his parents . 

Oskar had nothing with him except a photo of a woman he doesn’t know , his aunt Esther and his fathers last words to him “OSKAR EVEN IN BAD TIMES PEOPLE CAN BE GOOD, YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR THE BLESSINGS”.

It was the seventh day of Hanukkah and also Christmas Eve , Oskar arrives to New York City , he has to cross a hundred blocks to reach the avenue of broadway where his aunt Esther lives.He wants to be with his aunt when she lights the menorah before sunset .

Oskar was very hungry , tired and cold , after crossing some blocks he saw a woman feeding the pigeons, she offered Oskar a piece of bread so that he can feed the pigeons too, but a ravenous Oskar tries to swallow it , the old woman who saw this gave him a loaf of bread to eat , and here it is the first blessing . 

Likewise how Oskar looks for the blessings in various acts  throughout his journey until he reaches his aunt is the rest of the story . 

 With outstanding illustrations this story is definitely a blessing for us , a blessing which teaches us ” NOT TO STOP BELIEVING IN HOPE BECAUSE MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY”. 

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