Book Review – Nara and the island by Dan Ungureanu

A tiny hut ,loving dad , some of his bottle collections ,all these in a very tiny island . This is what little Nara has . 

She feels that her hut is so small . At least you can’t lose anything! that’s what her father says ,every time when she feels sad . 

Nara starts dreaming , whenever she felt lost . Her dream is to go to the adjacent island . But how could she do that , flying like a bird , emptying the water between islands by filling them in her dad’s bottle collection . But she needs millions of bottles for that!

When reality folds in , Nara is sad again . 

One day Nara’s dream come true , when her father took her along in his boat to the adjacent island , for a real adventure .Apart from exploring some new and strange creatures , she gets a chance to meet  a boy named Aran .

When nara starts exploring the island with Aran , she realises that Aran also yearns for something in life like the same way she does . 

Get the book to find out what is Aran’s wish and also to check how the story unfolds at the end . 


An open ended story with a simple storyline and beautiful illustrations .

A story that conveys the message that how important is the power of imagination and friendship ,and also why it is important to provide a little time for being ourselves , a space for our soul. 

Array of colours is the best phrase to describe dan ungureanu’s illustrations . 

Most of us think that the grass always look greener on the other side , it is because they are  watered properly . So instead of staring on the other side, start watering  your side with abundance of love and gratitude . 


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