Book review : Mama I’ll give you the world by Roni Schotter

Book: Mama I’ll give you the world 
Author : Roni Schotter 
Age : 4 plus 
A book with expressive illustrations and a beautiful storyline .
Everyday after school Luisa’s  school bus drops her at Walters world of beauty, the place where her mom works . Being a single parent her mom  works hard to make Luisa’s  future secure and bright.
Mom makes a place for Luisa  to sit and do her work as according to her “First things first”, Luisa does her homework and patiently watches the way her mom colors the customers hair .She loves the way mama curls.Mama keeps all the tips she receive in a secure cover which she collects for Luisa’s college.
Every day mama says to Luisa ” the world is too big and lot of things to learn and explore , if possible one day I will give the world to you”.Mama loves to dance when Luisa’s  father was there, but now she doesn’t and never smiles too, according to Luisa if mama smiles she looks like the prettiest flower in the world  
But Luisa has a different plan , tomorrow is mama’s birthday , so she plans to give the world to mama and how she does is the rest of the story .
Being brought up by a single mom this book holds a special place in our library, a book to honour the hardworking parents.       

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  1. I know first hand how hard Louisa's mum worked. Want to know how Louisa plans for her mother

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