Book review – How to live forever by Colin Thompson

“A reader lives thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only once”, These beautiful lines flashes before me every time I see the illustrations in this book.

This book is one of the best for its extraordinary illustrations , Colin Thompson is the author and also the illustrator ,who is famous for his drawings in ravensburger puzzles.

So here is the story,

There was a library with 1000 rooms ( which gives a aww feeling for book hoarders Like me ) it has copies of every book that has ever been written ,but one book is missing , two hundred years ago somebody had hidden the record card of the book in a cabinet and so the book disappeared .

Every night when the entire world sleeps , the shelves in the library come alive , doors and windows appear on the book ,lights were on , dogs bark, voices can be heard between the pages and the shelves are being joined by ladders and staircases , the entire library looks like a small city now..

Peter a boy lives in one of the books named as Quinces in the cookery shelf , finds the record card of the missing book and the title reads as “HOW TO LIVE FOREVER OR IMMORTALITY FOR BEGINNERS”.Immortal — peter loved these words and starts searching the book.

After a quiet long search , peter finds four men who are old and who also have the book , but he can’t believe as four of them are old after reading the book, whether the old men have read the book ? What is the reason for their aging ? Whether peter reads the book? all these questions are answered in the rest of story .

The story teaches us a valuable lesson, nothing is immortal , every life is subject to a change, it is necessary to be functional , change is required to value ones own life , without change everything in life becomes valueless .This was explained by the author in simple lines ” To live forever means not to live at all”

Bringing a city live between the book shelves through amazing illustrations ,will make this read a spellbinding experience .

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