Book Review : Diva and Flea – A Parisian Tale by Mo willems

Title : Diva and Flea – A Parisian Tale , Author : Mo Willems | illustrator : Tony Diterlizzi |  Age : 4 plus 

It is not necessary that one should be an animal lover to read stories about animals , Some books have the quality of attracting all categories  of readers by the cover page itself irrespective of the characters involved in the story  ,Books by Mo willems are one of those .

    An early chapter book for kids , diva and flea is about the friendship between a curious cat and a brave dog . 




Diva is a cute little dog who lives in an apartment in 11th avenue , le play , Paris . She is the dog of the apartment’s gardienne ( French word which means warden or caretaker) Eva. Along with Eva , diva took very good care of the building and its courtyard . If anything ever happens diva will yelp so loudly and run away . When she hears the sound of people walking she would shout FEET and run away. For her the apartment and the courtyard was the most wonderful place on earth , It was her world . 

Flea is a large cat , who doesn’t have any particular place to live , he stays  wherever he finds a place everyday , he was a flaneur ( someone who roams the city to see what there is to see) .for him the world is unlimited , even though he has seen lot of places, he likes to discover more . 

One day they both meet each other , starting with lot of yelps and fights , how they become the best friends and how they both change each other’s perspective about the world is the rest of the story . 

Review : 

Beautiful story on friendship with expressive illustrations . Sharing and caring is one of the important quality of friendship which is clearly explained in the story .For those who have not visited Paris , this book will give a feel that they are living there right in.Most  of the people have an impression that the world is always limited to the place where  they live , but this story gives a message that  always there are lot of new things to explore , discoveries to be made .

According to the author , “The biggest discoveries always start with the smallest steps” , this means not only for exploring and travelling , but in whatever work we do , so have you started thinking about your steps??

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  1. My son is 8 now , innitially he likes mo willems ‘ pigg n elephant stories .. so he might like this one too can find this Mo willems book easily at any library ??

    1. artandbookjunction says: Reply


      Thanks for writing , i don’t know whether you can find this in any library , but you can get it from amazon India and I am posting a link here for you to check

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