Book Review : Blackout

Book that delivers simple but yet useful/beautiful message , message that is more needed In today’s tech savvy world.



The story : 

It was a busy summer night , the entire city was loud and noisy and there lives a small girl with her parents and sister and her little cat in a house . 

Everyone in the house was busy in different chores , cooking, surfing , chatting over phone , little girl wants to play board game but all are busy and no one has time to spend with her .She was upset.Suddenly the power goes off and everything stopped working , the entire family sat up in the candle light.

They go to roof top , enjoy the light of stars, and there was a block party happening between the residents . They come down to the road , and participate with others in the party. Suddenly the power restores and everyone was back to their work and busy again.

Little girl doesn’t like , now what she does to bring back everyone together again is the story.


The importance of spending time with the family together is beautifully explained with outstanding illustrations .

This Caldecott honor book will sure take us to our good old times where we used to gaze at moon and stars at the rooftop of our house, chit chat, eat and play with friends and relatives .

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