Book Review : Aunt chip and the great triple creek dam affair

Book Title : Aunt chip and the great triple creek dam affair

Author : Patricia Polacco

Age : 6 plus 




Reasons why we picked this book: 

 When you are surrounded by a group of non readers , you are supposed to prove every now and then that why reading is important , Patricia Polacco’s books does that work for us , she herself struggled to read due to dyslexia till the age of 14. So some  of her books are centered on reading and books and this is one such book which tells about the  power of reading .

Storyline : 

People in Triple creek loved their Television sets , every single person watches tv the entire day, while having food , while they work, play etc. Everyone keeps a photo of their tv too in living room along with other important family photos. Except Aunt charlotte , she never leaves her bed and always lies over  there and never came out , for more than 50 years , reason being unknown for most of the people in town, she had a nephew Eli , a little boy who loved his aunt more , he used to visit her everyday to hear the stories she say .

One fine day Eli finds out from aunt chip( this is how he calls her ) that from where do these stories come from ,and the answer was books and reading . Till that moment Eli never knew what does reading mean, since the only activity they does is to watch tv . Books , he know, the reason being , there is a library in the town which is being closed from a long time, in every house books are being used but not to read , some used it as chair , some as a cover to the potholes , and a big wall is built using books in the town since the original wall collapsed due to some reason .

Aunt chip , for the first time after 50 years gets out of bed and along with Eli brings a change in the town, How they divert people

From the idiot box? What made her not to come out of house for so many years ? Why the library has been closed?Is the rest of story.

Review : 

Expressive illustrations., one of the best by author , Story is quiet lengthy for the younger group , everyone has the power to change the world around us and this book gives us a insight of how it can be done through reading . Courage , confidence, hope , aunt chip’s character is crafted with full of positivity. Librarians are the most important asset of libraries is a strong message conveyed  by the author . 

Do you love books ? …then this book is a treasure for you and 

don’t like books ?…..then this book is definitely for you , to start loving them for life . 

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