Book Review – After the storm ( Percy the park keeper series) by Nick Butterworth

Percy the park keeper is a picture book series , written by nick butterworth , all the stories in the series  revolve around  a friendly, lovable park keeper Percy and his animal friends  fox, mice,hedgehogs, squirrels  , badger and rabbits .

Greatest advantage of this book is that it helps in learning and an exposure to  lot of cross curricular topics such as seasons, animals , nature,kindness .

The story

Percy the park keeper is not having a good sleep because there is a big storm outside,and a heavy rain pour.He didn’t fear because according to him light lit up the park.

But he had a fear, he feared about the status outside his hut in the park , he was unable to sleep, next morning Percy wakes up early , fills up his whealbarrow with all the equipments needed to repair the damages and he starts inspecting . 

There was not much damage except a big oak tree which was completely blown away, it was Percy’s favourite , also his animal friends lived there , Percy was upset.he went and met his animal friends , everyone was unhappy and sitting under the fallen tree . Percy consoles them and Percy takes them in search of a new place to live . 

Did Percy found a place to live for his animal friends ? Did all his  animal friends are happy ? This is what the rest of the story is about.


Beautifully illustrated  story to teach friendship, team work, and environmental awareness .A story to learn about different animals and their habitats. 

Activities suggested :

For toddlers and preschoolers 

1. A day in the park – After reading the book , take the kid to a nearby park for a nature walk and help them to explore the nature – trees, bugs , leaves, flowers etc, collect some samples and create a scrap book .

2. Animals and their habitats – make small print outs/ cut outs of animals in the story, discuss about the animals and their habitats.

3. Puppet show/ pretend play – Make animal finger puppets or toilet roll puppets and do a puppet show, invite some neighbourhood kids for more fun, or make a pretend play based on the story 

For elder kids :

1.Vocabulary wall  :  Make a vocabulary wall and introduce all the vocabularies related to the park and animals.

2. Little authors. :  Ask the kids to predict what has happened after the storm , Provoke their writing abilities , and help them in building a story of their own.

Also don’t miss the big fold out poster at the end of the book which shows all the animals in their tree .

There are around 12 books in the series , collect them all and give a head start in reading cross curriculum story books to the kids.

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