Backyard – How to draw series

Remember, sitting at the backyard ,doing nothing and simply gazing at the sun/Moon  ! Most of us have these memories .It is one of the most creative space in a home .Most people these days live in an apartment and it’s so difficult to spot an house with  backyard .

This lesson on how to draw series is going to help each one of you to explore and learn drawing backyards . Don’t wait go grab a drawing sheet and make your creative energies flow .


Materials needed :

• A4 size ivory sheet .

• Drawing pencil, eraser and sharpener.

• Crayons 

• Black marker 


Here is a sample drawing to try all by yourself 

I have divided the drawing in to two parts , foreground  and the background . Start with 

Drawing Foreground : 

— Draw two parallel lines on each side for logs 

— Draw t- shirts , socks and trousers in an inverted position.

— For clothes pin , draw a very  small rectangular box on top of each dress. 

Now for the background I have included a wooden fence , some clouds and the sun .

Drawing Background:

— Draw two parallel horizontal lines behind the logs leaving some space down for ground . Since this is the background part it should be a bit small . 

— Draw two vertical lines in between to complete the fence .

— Now add some details , this drawing is done by my  student and she has added clouds and sun .Finish colouring and now outline it with black marker   ( Think about the  current weather in your city  or the present season and do it accordingly – or if you feel oh no , too much of guidance ?just leave it and move on ) . Bingo ! you’re all done . 

Tips :

     Logs with cloth string tied on both ends was used to dry clothes at my home – option is end users  to choose based on their own preferences.

     Background drawing should be done only on the area left after filling the drawing sheet with foreground , please be very careful , otherwise like overwriting it will look like over drawing  ?.


     I am sharing an idea on some things to be included in your drawing . A pdf sheet on step by step drawing of chair and center table is given ?. Take it as a cue and try to create your own backyard . 


      Put your thinking caps on and write down the things that flash . Trees , Birds, gate , children , garden . And no , please don’t settle down with one , try to include more details . 

Thank you 


Hope you got a chance to go through this write up . Do you feel it’s helpful , or even if you don’t feel so , please drop in your comment, would love to hear from you . Or else reach me at ?

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  1. Wow…. Step by step clear explanations..
    Will help my daughter, who is 6+

    We shall try… And keep u posted, Archana

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      Thank you very much .

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