About us

Hi, welcome everyone to my blog Art and book junction .


My name is Archana Manikandan , I am an ex banker turned artist . I take private art classes( drawing and painting )  to kids. Drawing was my passion from childhood . 

This is my dream space where you can find lots and lots of children book reviews and art lessons ( drawing and painting) for kids aged 4 plus . 

About Books 

Being a non reader in my entire childhood , books were not in my to do list , until I had a kid who was a serious bookworm . My daughter was a an  avid reader who likes to read or go through  any genre of books , it was nearly six years before I have decided to enroll her in a library   so that she can get exposed to different books , we have visited different libraries , but unfortunately most of them had only limited collections , other than some specific authors and genres  , they didn’t had the books by others , so we dropped out our decision and instead we started collecting books of various genres and by different authors. I review all the books we read , from picture books to young adults . 

About Art ( Drawing and painting ) 

The very first time when I have started taking drawing classes it was tough to convince parents that why observational drawing is important ,just look , observe and draw was the concept , for me I felt just look and observe won’t work always with kids , because the level of patience is less in younger kids . So instead of making them sit and observe, I started teaching them the basics i.e the elements of art , it helped them to visualize every object by their line , shape and form , while spacing the objects are followed by mostly older kids , color , texture and value always remained as the choice of kids . Somewhere in the middle of the journey , we have got interested in picture book based art lessons ( thanks to some wonderful art blogs for that ) and started implementing the same in every class a week .So drawing lessons here are divided on the basis of various elements of art, and obviously there are drawing lessons based on picture books . 

If you have kids aged 4 plus , this page and information that it has is going to be definitely useful for you . A page where i am planning to connect with a large group of creative kids and parents.

All the reviews in this page are not paid reviews , so i feel so nice if you can drop your comments after going through a review.

For any other doubts or queries , do drop a mail @

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